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RIVERS Thermo Jug KEAT 1600ml

RIVERS Thermo Jug KEAT 1600ml


A design-conscious yet functional, this vacuum-insulated jug is ideal for the usage at home, cafes, or even at camping travel. Its double-walled stainless-steel construction perfectly regulates your beverage’s temperature, while its sleek finish and natural beech handle brings to contemporary Japanese minimalism to any living space. The lid can be dismantle for better cleaning.

Capacity : 1600 ml
Weight : 833g
Size : W207mm × D146mm × H200mm
Materials : 18-8 Stainless Steel (Body, Lid), Polypropylene (Body, Lid), Beachwood (Handle), Polyacetal (Lid), Silicone Rubber (Lid, Handle), Stainless Steel (Lid, Handle)
Heat retention effect : 64.4 ° C or more (10 hours)
Cold insulation effect : 6.3 ° C or less (6 hours)
Country of origin : China
Notes : Microwave / dishwasher can not be used.
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