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CAST has a simple and beautiful design developed under the concept of "uninterfering design". The proportion of each item has been carefully considered, so that your motion flows smoothly in the kitchen and at the table. The angle of handle is designed to relieve stress on the wrist, taking into account the changing center of gravity. The rim of the cup spans slightly outwards so that drinks flow smoothly into your mouth with a slight tilt. Simple yet functional and elegant, the items are great for use in various scenes.

φ75 x H70 mm / 180 ml
Approx. 70g

φ80 x H80 mm / 250 ml
Approx. 80g

φ80 x H105 mm / 350 ml
Approx. 110g

φ85 x H120 mm / 430 ml
Approx. 120g
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