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marna Japan Coffee Dripper

marna Japan Coffee Dripper


"Blooming" is the secret to the deliciousness of coffee.
marna coffee dripper allows you to control the blooming by the amount of hot water in the dripper,
First, you start with pouring gently and evenly onto the coffee ground. When you see the coffee reaching the little tips at the bottom end of the dripper, you stopped pouring and wait for 10 - 20 second for the blooming. After that, split your next pouring into 2 pours. And that's it, your delicious coffee is ready.

Also, the spiral shape of the dripper allows you to just focus pouring hot water in the center and yet create the rotational flow of the coffee, usually created by the professional barista, to produce a delicious coffee.

With marna dripper, Its so simple now to brew delicious coffee.

* Fit with cone shape paper filter without folding the paper filter.

Material: Saturated polyester resin
Color: Black
Dimension (mm): 105 × 94 × 116 mm (1 - 2 Cups), 130 × 108 × 125 mm (2-4 Cups)
Endures up to 100C
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