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CORES C275 Gold Cone Filter

RM 590.00

CORES C275 Gold Cone Filter

RM 590.00
24k gold plated cone shape filter for specialty coffee brewing. It is designed to achieve fast extraction using high water temperature to extract good quality acidity.

C275 Gold Cone Filter comes with raised flat bed at the tip of cone filter, so that it prevent coffee ground stuck at the tip and add on bitterness to your cup.

Mesh dimension is even and not easy to be deformed because the material is metal, and no chemical change occurs as a result. From the above reasons, it is little affected to the taste and flavors of coffee. And more, thanks to its unique longitudinal slot, the filter can provide a short brewing time at a very high temperature.

In a normal cone shaped filter, water flow tends to be gathered at the base of the filter. In order to prevent over extraction , the base of our cores cone filter is raised so the water flows outwards, and does not gather in the central lower area. Thanks to this raised base, strong bitterness does not come into the coffee liquid.

Weight 480 g
Dimensions 145 × 145 × 115 mm
Material Gold plated stainless steel

Max dosage 64 g
In this box - C275 Gold Cone Filter x 1, Stainless steel drip tray x 1, Brewing guide x 1
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