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RIVERS Coffee Pour Over CAVE reversible & POND foldable set

RIVERS Coffee Pour Over CAVE reversible & POND foldable set


A set of silicone coffee dripper using double-sided ribs and foldable dripper holder.

The ultimate portable coffee set for enjoying your favorite cup of coffee outdoors
This is a coffee set with a silicone dripper and a foldable holder to enjoy real coffee outdoors. It can be stored compactly in a cup and is easy to carry, so it is perfect for a cup of coffee at the top of a mountain.

-Two different rib patterns to enjoy
The silicone dripper is a new concept dripper that allows you to control the taste of coffee by simply flipping the surface over, bringing the acidity and bitterness closer to the ideal balance. The secret lies in the two different rib structures on the front and back.

Side A: 12 thick and short ribs
The extraction speed becomes slow, and the acidity of beans can be softened. Try this if you have trouble brewing shallow-roasted coffee.

Side B: 24 thin, long and short rib
The extraction speed becomes a little faster and the strong bitterness can be reduced. Recommended for people who do not like strong bitter coffee.

-A lightweight, foldable holder
The F stands for FOLD, and together with the Cave R, it can be folded and stored in a tumbler for the ultimate compact outdoor coffee set. It also has a V-shaped paper filter guideline on the body. By folding the paper according to this V-shaped line, you can easily make folds.

Product name - Coffee Pour Over Set (Cave R / Pond F)
Weight - Approximately 88g
Size - About W102mm × D102mm × H85mm (Cave R), about W115mm × D66mm × H5mm (Pound F)
Raw materials - Silicone rubber (Cave R), polypropylene (pound F)
Heatproof temperature - 200 ° C (Cave R), 160 ° C (Pound F)

-This product is a set of holder and dripper.
-The holder and dripper are the same color combination.
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