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CORES C211 Single Cup Gold Filter

CORES C211 Single Cup Gold Filter


[ Flat-bottom reusable brewer – designed for 1 cup brewing ]

Cores C211 Single Cup Gold Filter is a gold plated filter designed to brew a delicious single cup of coffee. Simply place the filter over your favorite cup, put ground coffee into the filter, and pour hot water. No complicated technique is required, and it’s easy and fun for everyone. Flat bottom of the filter creates even layer of coffee grounds in brewer, and this helps achieve even extraction easier. If you are thinking of starting filter coffee brewing, or considering 2nd dripper for unique coffee experience, C211 Single Cup Gold Filter is definitely a great choice.

- Designed to brew 1 cup of coffee
- Flat-bottom brewer
- 24K gold plated filter is chemical reaction resistant and allows full flavor and aroma to be extracted
- Reusable, no paper filter required
- Compact, lightweight, durable
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