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The Stout Air is a sturdy, lightweight bottle that is a must-have for outdoorsmen. It is durable and light as air, and you can choose the best capacity for different purposes.

Even if we say "outdoors" in a word, there are often different factors required in a drink bottle depending on the location and purpose, such as camping, mountain climbing, and water activities. Stout Air allows you to choose the best capacity for each purpose. The compact 400ml can be used as a food container for coffee beans, nuts, and other action foods, while the 550ml bottle can cover a wide range of uses. For mountain climbing or other activities where more water is needed, use 1000ml.

-Light and strong is a must!
The body is made of BPA-free Tritan resin. It is one of the most popular materials used in outdoor activities because it is sturdy, lightweight, and can withstand alcohol and boiling water.

-Various functions useful in outdoor activities
The silicone strap can be used to attach a handle or carabiner when carrying the bottle. The scale makes it easy to check the remaining amount of water and to measure it when cooking. An inner lid is also included to prevent water from flying out vigorously when you put your mouth on it.

After pouring boiling water into the bottle, the bottle becomes hot, and touching it with bare hands may cause burns. When pouring boiling water, please use gloves or wrap a towel or hand towel around the bottle.

Product name - Stout Air 1000(Tritan™)
Capacity - 1000 ml
Weight - About 175 g
Size - About W117mm (including strap) × D85mm × H250mm
Raw materials -
Saturated polyester resin (bottle body) / polypropylene (lid, splash guard, ring) / silicone rubber (strap) / stainless steel (pin)
Heatproof temperature - 100 ° C (bottle body), 140 ° C (lid, splash guard)
Cold resistance temperature - -40 ° C (bottle body, lid, splash guard)

Microwave / dishwasher can not be used.
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